How we ship your orders

We use United Parcel Services, Federal Express and the Irish Post Office to ship our orders. We waste no time in getting your order to your doorstep in a timely fashion, we value your business and we know that our happy customers will become our regular customers.

Please allow up to ten business days for our ground service in the U.S.A.. Our goods ship directly from Ireland and we must allow for the parcels to clear customs before we send your tracking number. Don't hesitate to inquire about your package, we're happy to help you!

Shipping to the U.S.A.

1. UPS Ground $11.00 - Your orders are shipped by Air to the US from Ireland, They then are processed by US customs. On release they are shipped via ground to your shipping address. Please allow 10 working days for your order to arrive.

2. Express - $30.00 - We ship by Air to the US. The packages are then processed by US Customs. On release they will be sent 2nd day air to your shipping address. This process can take up to 5 working days.

One more thing! Some items are custom made such as certain rings, coat of arms etc. These items can take a number of weeks before they are shipped.

International Orders:

The Customer is responsible for shipping fees and all duties and taxes in their own country. We automatically charge $30 for shipping. If it is cheaper to ship than $30 we will credit your charge account. We find the U.S. Post Office to be most cost effective. We can use other carriers if the customer wants to absorb the cost above the $30.


Security Information

We use the Stronghold secure server, currently the second best selling secure server software, and in our opinion, technically the best product. It supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption.

When you enter your credit card number into the order form, it is transmitted across the Internet in an encrypted (scrambled) form, then decoded when it gets to us.

For added security, we also encrypt the credit card number when it is stored on disk, and when we forward it our offices.

If you are not the kind of person who worries about being hit by lightning as you're crossing the street, you probably don't have to worry that your credit card number will be intercepted on the way to a secure Web site. According to CNN,

"The prevalent that on-line credit card use is actually no riskier for consumers than traditional "low-tech" transactions."

We order products online all the time, both as a company and as individuals. When we use a credit card to buy something online, we feel at least as safe as we would using one in a store or restaurant.

At SomethingIrish.Com we believe that we shall distinguish ourselves through excellent service and quality. We hope you will enjoy your shopping experience at SomethingIrish.Com, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Ordering is easy!

When you view a particular item, you will notice a small thumbnail picture, a description and an button.
Simply click the Order button to place your item in the shopping basket. You will be taken to a page displaying the item. You may change the quantity and review the price. At this point you may continue shopping or process your order. To process your order simply follow the instructions and enter in all valid details.


Here at SomethingIrish.Com we offer you our customer a 90-day money back guarantee, (less the cost of shipping). Personalized items such as sweaters and wall plaques can not be returned unless there is a defect with the item.

For your Christmas gifts, we take returns or exchanges until the end of January. You must notify us by email before shipping the package back to us so we may send you our return instructions. Unfortunately we cannot accept any clothing that has been worn. All orders should be in their original packaging along with documentation and packing labels. Once we have received the order we shall issue you with a credit.

Contact Information

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3500 South Dupont Highway,
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USA toll free: 1-866-474-7448 or 1-866-IRISH-4U
fax: +353 1 816 1119