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Eight Piece Tweed Cap

One of our more popular items, the eight piece tweed cap is a great accessory for any gentleman. This style is also called the Gatsby or Newsboy hats. You may also recognize it as Babe Ruth's baseball cap. Using the finest quality tweed, it is sown by the master hat makers Hanna hats of Donegal. An Irish cap is an Irish cap for life. This cap makes a great Irish gift. The vintage tweed & the 8 piece caps have an expandable sweatband tailored into the hat. You can feel it when you put a forefinger behind the front of the cap & push outwards. This expandability allows for a grand fit. This is a popular Irish Gift for so many Irish Gentlemen. Its also very handy because when you find a nice spot on your walk to rest , you can sit on it without having to worry about damaging it! Smart eh ! Click on the image to enlarge.

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